CMPE 65 – Large Capacity Compound Saw

$79,900.00 + GST

The Luna CMPE 65 features a large 650mm carbide saw blade which can rotate to 22.5 degrees with 2 CNC controlled axis.

Electronic turning and tilting heads up to 22.5 degrees Left/Right and 90 to 30 degrees compound.

Operator safety is enhanced by the automatic safety guard and two hand safety operation. The CMPE 65 fully complies with CE and AS standards.

Made in Italy by Pertici Industries

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  • 650mm Diameter Blade
  • 230mm H x 400mm W Cutting Capacity @90°
  • 230mm H x 315mm W Cutting Capacity @45°
  • 230mm H x 170mm W Cutting Capacity @22.5°
  • 5.5kW (7.4HP) 3 Phase Motor
  • 2 Vertical Pneumatic Clamp
  • 2 Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps
  • Hydro Pneumatic blade feed with variable feed rate
  • 2 Hand safety operation
  • 2 Axis CNC Angle Control
  • Spray mist blade lubrication
  • Air Duster Gun
  • 650mm 128T Saw blade included

Cut Chart